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Grow your own real Irish Shamrock - O'Neill PR

Grow your own Shamrock - from Ireland 

New York. The Auld Sod Export make it possible to literally bring a piece of Ireland back to the United States. You can buy canisters of soil or dirt, pouches and also shamrock seeds. These are the perfect gift for people of Irish decent or with an Irish connection - which is probably all of us!

You can grow real Shamrock plants - just like the bowl given to the US President by the Irish Taoiseach (which is Irish or Gaelic for Prime Minister - the head of the Irish Government). This is done every St. Patrick's day which is also referred to as Paddy's Day (the Irish prefer not to use St Patty's day) where the Irish Taoiseach is a guest of the US President at the White House, before watching the St Patrick's day parades.

You can also now buy the same Belleek pot to grow your shamrock in. This beautiful Belleek gift set includes a pouch of Irish dirt, a pack of Shamrock seeds and a handmade Irish Belleek bowl.

This is the only product that meets and exceeds the US Department of Agriculture's standards for importation and is the only legal way to get hold of this special Shamrock. Shamrock is one of the most famous symbols or Ireland and is not to be confused with 4-leaf clovers.

What kind of Shamrock is it?
The shamrock seeds we offer are in fact The Real Irish Shamrock (Trifolium Dubium) as officially recognized by the Government of Ireland as the Official Irish Shamrock. Believe it or not, there is a variety of shamrock recognized as the Official Irish Shamrock which is very hard to source and is not your run of the mill clover

The Canister of Irish Dirt, is used in funeral ceremonies to scatter on the casket of a loved one passed or continually celebrate their Irish heritage by scattering Official Irish Dirt on their graves on anniversaries or other important dates.

Sarah O'Neill
O'Neill PR are delighted to be listed to manage the PR for the Auld Sod Export company in New York.

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